The mark is a general European standard – very common in the Germanic countries – for the lowest with a few rare exceptions acceptable silver purity. This is by no means a slur upon the spoon; many fine and valuable examples are. It does indicate a middle to late 19th century vintage at best, however. That said, you would be best served by judging the quality of the design and its condition. Any spoon ‘quite worn’ has lost much of its value; I have a pair of Dutch spoons of the late 17th century that I didn’t hesitate to spend several hundred on; I also have a nearly identical example of the same vintage, but worn nearly smooth, that I spent – appropriately – McDonald’s lunch money for. Assaying William Erik Voss It is impractical for a refiner to refine each individual shipment of scrap separately. To keep the operation efficient, a sample is taken of each refining shipment to determine its precious metal content. Drilling samples are taken from each end of the bullion. The assay laboratory does a miniature refining process on the two samples to determine the precious content. The bullion karat is actually determined by the percentage of fine gold left following the assaying process.

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People aren’t necessarily looking only for sterling; they just want to know what they’re buying. Most of the time, you can find the answer simply by turning over the teaspoon, fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoop antique flatware is that specialized. On the reverse side, you usually find an indented mark or series of marks that holds a wealth of information about the item — not only what it’s made of, but sometimes also where, when, and by whom it was made.

This applies to hollowware — such as cups, bowls, teapots, and vases — too. The first step in deciphering these marks is to learn what kinds of silver are out there.

n. d. n. d. – pitcher and sugar bowl. Rogers Bros Mfg Co. (undated). Sugar bowl. Silver or silver plate. (Dating by holder does not align to perceived dates of this company, as .

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How to tell plated vs. sterling silver serving tray?

I think it is something like “colonial” or similar? I just don’t remember exactly. However, if you will go to the above area marked “links” you will find several very good resources to determine the exact pattern name, and usually a date of manufacture as well. I’m sorry to tell you that silver plate of any sort is of little value these days because no one wishes to do the needed polishing for items that are not full sterling silver.

There are some very pretty, and ornate patterns of flatware in silver-plate that are still highly collectible and some do bring nice prices to. I’m afraid this is not one of them.

F.B. Rogers Silver Co. was one of the marks used by a Massachusetts silversmithing company founded in There are no verifiable records to determine the names of the company’s original owners, but it was bought by Edward W. Porter and L.B. West in

What is Quadruple Silver Plate? Let’s start with the common misconception about “quadruple silver plate” – also known as “quadruple silverplate”. Quadruple silver plate items are NOT plated four times, the simply were plated with four times as much pure silver, known in the industry as. Quadruple silver plate hollowware was some of the highest quality made during the later part of the 19th century.

Silverplate holloware items which have been re-silvered over the years may have more or less silver than originally plated. Quadruple silverplate items were four times as heavily plated with silver than items marked “Standard” silverplate. Not only are the silver-plated pieces ornamented with Victorian details but they are often embellished with florid engraved decoration.

Details which are no longer used! Many of these fine Victorian silver pieces were electroplated quadruple silver. Today, these pieces are becoming more scarce as collectors are quickly purchasing and keeping these pieces themselves. Fewer and fewer fine pieces are available on the “open market”. Also, as the years go by, unfortunately, more and more of these fine pieces of antique craftsmanship become damaged beyond repair, destroyed, or egads!

A common misconception is that silver plate is an inferior product.

is 1847 rogers bros silverware real silver

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Even though gravy ladles date to the Roman era and sterling silver flatware was first produced in Sheffield, England in the ‘s, sterling silver and silverplate ladles did not see widespread use until the midth century, when a companion to the newly embraced- soup tureen was needed.

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Silverplate Patterns

I have 53 pieces of silverware which my father had. It is stamped International silver co. Is it sterling silver? I can find no markings to determine if it is. I am looking to find info on a mark on a silver pitcher.

I just bought a tray full of old silverware from a yard sale. Some of it just has Oneida Ltd. on the back and it is heavily tarnished. but I believe that Community Plate and Rogers and Oneida are all Silverplate. There is also much older stuff called quadruple plate and Coin silver. How to tell real silver from silverplate when it’s.

Since most of the inquiries I have received have to do with ” What is my spoon worth? Cartoon character spoons, advertising spoons, presidents Roger Bros. There is not a large market for modern spoons. The date is when the company was founded. These spoons are silverplated, usually of poor quality and are very very common. Prices in antique stores Ebay will vary greatly.

Most general line antique dealers are not familiar with souvenir spoons and some will often price them at unreasonable levels. Simply because you see a spoon at a certain price, that does NOT mean that it will sell at that price. I have seen spoons sit in antique shops for years, without being sold. Generally speaking, if the spoon is from a well known site which attracted lots of tourists , the chances are that there will be a lot of those spoons, thus the price will be lower.

Silverplate Marks versus Sterling Flatware Marks—Basics