What I’m trying to accomplish is build a Jeep that is relatively tough but I don’t need to do hardcore wheeling. I’ve been there and done the “drive it like you stole it” thing in Trucks, cars and boats. After many years of bleeding money I’ve calmed down a bit. Yes, I will off road it but if there’s a chance of breaking a suspension piece, smashing the body or making mine ache more than it does already, I’ll slow down or go back. Mainly this Jeep will be a daily driver in the summer and most of the off road it will see is on the sand. Oh yes and my wife will likely drive it more than me. As far as the conversion goes, I’m going to try to do it as inexpensively as possible using standard stuff that anyone can find easily online, at a salvage yard or a local parts store. I hope to avoid welding anything except the Motor Mounts and the only thing I’d like to source is the fabrication of the exhaust. We’ll see how that goes. Right now I’m in the disassembly stage and part acquisition mode.

Top VIdeos

Mike Ervin Update by: All of these gauges are in-dash units so I had to figure out how I was going to mount them. I have seen setups with all of them mounted on the face of the bezel, and also using the billet aluminum replacement bezel that you can buy from LMC. I just didn’t like the way it looked after you get them in. The gauges are tilted forward on the same plain as the bezel which makes it hard to see them.

Choose a suitable location to mount the oil pressure gauge; mount the gauge so it is easily viewed while driving. Common mounting locations for aftermarket oil pressure gauges include under the dash, on top of the dash, or set into the dashboard.

West Fleet Direct http: To begin the install loosen the cap on the radiator overfill to remove pressure from the system do this while the engine is cool. Cut the hose closest to the drivers side It does’nt really matter where, I did mine about 6 inches after the fire wall. Then holding the ‘shut off valve’ with the vaccume controller twards the pass side install the portion of the heater hose coming from the cab to the top left nipple on the ‘shut off valve’. Install the portion of the heater hose coming from the engine to the top right nipple and tighten the clamp.

Next cut the heater hose closest to the pass side in the same location as the previous. Install the portion coming from the cab on the lower left nipple, tighten the clamp. Now install the portion going to the engine on the lower right and tighten the clamp.

This personal website is a collection of information about my truck.

The injectors must fire on demand by ECU , not leak , not be clogged, fully or partially. Next up, I will review both EFI fuel systems fast. Battery is charged and fuel is fresh , no bad fuel. Don t forget tools. Learn how to use a NOID lamp first. Jump on fuel pressure.

It’s been quite interesting for me to read over these old updates, and in hindsight, I was so unbelievably optimistic about getting the car on the road quickly and how, at every step of the way, I was convinced that we were “close”!

The company started and operated for nearly its entire existance in the seaside town of Blackpool, which overlooks the Irish Sea. From , TVR car models have usually featured fiberglass bodies mounted on top of tubular steel chassis. TVR’s Tuscan model was built from to A second model produced through this same period is known as the Vixen. The two were cosmetically similar, but the Vixen model featured smaller and less powerful engines. The Tuscan and Vixen were preceded by various Grantura and Griffith models, and in the early seventies they were superseded by TVR’s various “M” models.

The Tuscan model was originally offered with Ford’s cubic inch V8 engine. Ultimately, seventy-three Tuscan V8’s would be built. Compared to their rivals, a relatively high proportion of TVR sales were to British customers. The large American V8 engine may have been overkill for that market.

Jeep YJ 5.3L swap (completed)

I wanted a reasonably priced replacement that worked reliably – I didn’t want another expensive tachometer since my truck is very old. The Sun-Pro Super Tachometer II that I purchased arrived promptly and I was able to hook it up to the existing wires which were used for the previous tach, but were detached when when it was stolen. They were already attached as the instructions that came with the Sun-Pro tachometer indicated, so I didn’t have to use all of the supplied wiring and connectors – which would have sufficed.

In the world of drag racing, LS engines have been making a big splash sense they first showed up in the burnout boxes in They offer a great platform to build engines whether you are running 8s, or 12s. We decided to come up with the basics on what it takes to swap an LS engine into an older vehicle not originally designed to accept it.

Late last year we hinted that we had some surprising big plans for , and this is one of them. As for what happens now? Welcome to Project Hakosuka! And I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. It was almost three months ago that I decided to take the plunge and buy a JDM classic. So on 12th November I send an email to our friends at J-Spec.

Michael Zappa’s 1969 TVR Tuscan V6 Race Car

By Tom Bobolts March 18, Article by: They offer a great platform to build engines whether you are running 8s, or 12s. We decided to come up with the basics on what it takes to swap an LS engine into an older vehicle not originally designed to accept it. Most of these have to be done for those running higher end classes, but we wanted to make sure we covered it all.

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The garage’s proprietor was an ambitious young entrpreneur named Frank Nichols, who purchased a C. The garage took whatever jobs they could to fund their racing aspirations. They also looked for performance products they could manufacture and sell. One of their earliest and most successful products was an aluminum, overhead-valve cylinder head for the Ford I.

Elva sold thousands of these cylinder heads. Elva Engineering was interested in all aspects of race car design and construction, so it was natural they should try their hand at producing cars from scratch. They built two complete race cars of their own design for the start of the season, and they immediately began taking orders for more. Before long, they were building multiple models including sports racers and formula junior cars, some of which were exported to the United States.

No more than several dozen Elva race cars were produced before Elva Engineering began sketching a road going sports car.

Michael Zappa’s 1969 TVR Tuscan V6 Race Car

How to Install an Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge by Amelia Allonsy Electric oil pressure gauges are easy for a DIY-mechanic to install, whether replacing a faulty oil pressure gauge, or a custom, after-market look is desired. Oil pressure gauges are designed to inform the driver when the oil falls below a safe operating level, or when the oil pressure is too high. Driving a vehicle without an oil pressure gauge can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

Most oil pressure gauges come with mounting panels and the necessary installation hardware.

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Auto Meter American Muscle Gauge Install on the ARS-TV Nova