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We have decided to release the Class Wars early this month to keep your Christmas day open. Just this month, the Class Wars will unlock on December 18th. We hope you have a merry Christmas! R2Games Heroes of Balenor, take up your weapons and show the world who’s worthy of ruling your class in Wartune’s latest Class War on November 27th! R2Games The Hall of Fame has returned!

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Free to play indefinitely. Play Netrek now! Even though balancing and matchmaking issues exist—and of course vampires are more fun to play—Nosgoth serves a thrilling adventure that’s definitely worth sinking your claws into. Sadly, it’s that way only because it’s largely a copy of the company’s previous games—like Wartune.

Following the gameplay formula of similar games before it Idle Heroes is a mobile based title that lets you summon heroes to help you through the lengthy campaign levels and other challenges that await. Like many in the genre Idle Heroes is ultimately a game about continuous improvement of your team through levels and items which allow you to obtain higher tier rewards and repeat the process. As the name suggests some elements of Idle Heroes are tied to idle gameplay with accruing of resources and battles able to happen without the players direct input, pushing the strategy more towards team makeup and key decisions rather than active gameplay.

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Opting for short matches of around ten minutes Duelyst is a fast paced experience in a strategic genr

Reviews – Wartune

Download and try it out for yourself. Diablo 3 has a free starter edition, which allows you to play the first part of the game. This is also free, and if you like it, you can later upgrade to the full version. Don’t think of it as deferred gratification. Think of it as immediate suffering.

Wartune official website by publisher , containing Wartune Servers, Wartune News, Wartune Forum, and Wartune Guides etc. Sign up Now and play the most exciting Strategy Hybrid MMORPG at Now! Role-Playing, City-Building, Strategy, Turns Combat, PvP Arenas, Farming. It’s All HERE!

After launching in Beta earlier this year, the team is building on the momentum from fans and players around the world. Despite initially launching servers in North America, demand from players outside of the US is growing exponentially. With the UI overhaul and a new loot system, players are getting what they ask for.

Furthermore, plans for a trade and recycle system have been revealed. Both mechanics will find their way into the game in a future update. The game is a lightweight client based game with a heavy focus on real-time strategy and online multiplayer arena combat.

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Many thanks to Darrkin for emailing me about this so I can share with everyone. I have prepared a bunch of pictures for you to see the key points of the this Wartune mini-game and as you can imagine there is not too much explanation I can give at this stage and also not possible to say when we will have this on our servers. The Wartune Monopoly Game Board Once inside you have a sort of a board game where you roll the dice and walk according to what you roll. There seem to be 2 types of dice, possibly a “free” dice and a “balen” dice.

Alternatively it could simply be limited number of attempts of the 2 different dice.

Posts about Patch game wartune written by Axure. Hey all, Axure here playing on oceanic server now. Outland contest is the new activity in wartune since patch some people still dont understand how to play in outland contest (OC). here i make some guide for outland contest.

You will have to refresh the browser or just close it and reopen it once it gives it to you and asks you to use it, giving you back control to other things without forcing you to use it right then. It will then sit in your inventory. Then use it right before you do all 5 mp dungeons for the extra xp as well as doing the full vip spin wheel allowed in 1 day. It is quite a waste to use them in the beginning for such small xp gains. Then never go back to it the first day.

When you leave a catacomb run you can go back anytime to that instance, and it takes the entrance fee away right when you enter level 1. The only thing you loose when you leave and come back is your accrued rage. The following day wait till you level as much as you can then go back to catacomb and finish that run. Then start your first free one after that and leave again at level 1 and repeat these steps each day only doing 1 run a day.

This in effect is getting you max possible results with your free run as possible each day and gaining more xp and gems and tokens than others. Why your are not using 2nd run and using a crypt key is next tip. There is no easy way to gain more without spending money, and they are a very very rare drop to get any free.

Once you use them up, there mostly all gone. Wait until you can pass catacombs level 50 before you start using them.

Wartune: Hall of Heroes for PC and MAC

Tell you Peepz about my good experiences and bad experiences, hope you learn something from it which may save you from a terrible mistake or give you an upper edge in your Character building.. Brackets will be ranging from level , , and , as for now I will only release my guide based on level mage. Will also try cover each bracket keeping in mind both cashers and non casher. So no one feel left out: Having VIP status in game.

Example of stuff you will get if you VIP level is 5 or 6 d Always save your VIP token and use them when you are in urgent need of gold, reason I suggest on saving them so that later when you get your 45 arena set you can use them then to enchant.

Axure Gaming ~Wartune and League of Angels~ Outland Contest Guide! Outland Contest Guide! 28 July 29 July by Axure ♥ 0 Leave a Comment. Hey all, Axure here playing on oceanic server now. Outland contest is the new activity in wartune since patch some people still dont understand how to play in outland contest (OC). here i.

Share Symbol of Honor Honor is a ranking system used on Wartune. However, certain equipment Medallions and formerly PvP gear requires a player have a certain ranking of honor to be unlocked and purchasable. Honor is earned three ways: Overview Honor is earned through fighting other players and NPCs as well as carting resources in battlegrounds, as well as fishing the match either by team winning more honor or losing less honor.

Honor gained from battlegrounds is affected by your current honor and VIP level, and can be further boosted by using Double Honor Scroll. If you defeat players whose title is higher than you, you earn extra honor. If you end someone’s killing spree you will gain more honor too. However, once the player reaches the sixth honor level Crusader , losing player matches will cause the player to lose honor 10 from the enemy of higher honor and from enemy below your honor amount , which can be reduced or cancelled by having high enough VIP level.

Winning or losing Guild Battle also gives honor, which can be boosted by having appropriate guild skill. Reaching higher level of honor also unlocks different titles with in turn give player slight statistic bonuses passively.


Wartune Gloria Gloria stretched her long, sinuous neck and stared down at the couple rising to meet her. The woman was only weeks away from birth, her swollen belly uncovered and slick from the summer heat. The man was a simpleton, but he did his best to support her despite her dismissals.

Wartune News Feed, Various Towns and Countries. 3, likes · 2 talking about this. In Wartune News Feed, we do our best to deliver quality information.

Evil has once again resurfaced and across several acts you will have to put a stop to them as no one else can. Play one of 5 Base Classes or the The game brings four different races to choose your character from along with a variety of different game worlds to play in. All heroes are upgradeable in their abilities A total of five different races are available for players to choose their character from along with 16 public game worlds In this game, you get to play as Crown Prince Noctis as he embarks on a road trip across gorgeous landscapes and bustling towns in the fictional world of Eos


I didn’t get any spire chests or exp. The game doesn’t even register it, which stinks because it gives a lot of exp. How to use Wartune:

Wartune is an epic hybrid turn-based RPG/strategy game. Adventure – RPG Wartune R2Games. Awaken the angels, Join the league! League of Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users. Just Passing. You wake up on a bus going to a place you’ve never .

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Wartune Guide: Tips To Get Ahead

Prepping for May Class Wars! Posted by Eliatan Class Wars is finally here after a week-long delay! There are a few things I like to think about for each one, which I’ll talk about here. Sorry in advance that this is mage-focused, but since it’s my main toon class, that’s just how it’s going to be.

Easy to follow guide for Wartune Mage Level Learn about VIP, daru, and become stronger in the game!

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